Tucked away behind Roko Gym at Clifton Moor is our delightful little nursery where we “Promise to care for your child as if they were our own” and we follow this ethos through into every aspect of our nursery life!

We understand what it’s like to be a working parent and the struggle to find a balance between the childcare you need and the ‘usual regular childcare’ on offer. So, we offer Totally Flexible Care. Just book the care you want and only pay for those sessions whether that’s:

Term time only
Shift sessions that change every week
Ad hoc creche to cover working from home, going for a run, or appointments
Holiday Club for sessions you want in the school holidays alongside, of course, the more usual
Regular bookings
Funded sessions for 2, 3 or 4 year olds
Full days
Short days
Half days
At Blue Sky we really value our amazing outside spaces. We have two fab garden areas where we spend most of our day. Playing, eating and sleeping out there when we can, making the most of the outdoors whatever the weather

We serve healthy, homecooked meals every day that are based on the ‘Eat Well Plate’ and provide a superb low sugar /low salt, but high in fruit, veg and lean meat. It’s a nutritious and varied balanced diet, offering all of the recommended 5 a day.

Blue Sky Day Nursery York is a bright, fresh, and vibrant nursery and it is staffed by the most amazing team of childcare professionals. Each of the team have a great sense of creativity to help your child learn and develop through interesting and entertaining play activities. We are led by the children’s interests and experiences and believe that by structuring activities around the children’s interests we will engage them more fully and therefore aid their development in such a way they do not realise they are learning just having fun!

Our amazing nursery is divided into 3 areas, baby room that we call Pixies, toddlers that are our Imps and preschool that we call Elves. Each room has it’s own fantastic, dedicated team and ways of working, tailored to meet the children’s individual needs.

Pixies: In the Pixie room, we love getting messy! We have fun in anything ranging from water to baked beans to sweet smelling foam and everything in between. We have a lovely black and white area designed with the small babies in mind with this being the first colours they see. We spend a lot of the time outside in our lovely Pixie garden, we like to get muddy outside in the bad weather and in the sunshine we get the paddling pool out to cool down.

Imps: In our Imps room we learn to become more independent before moving into the Elves, we like to spend time mixing with the older children in the garden and on the patio so the children can learn from seeing how their older peers do things. We love singing in the Imps room and we learn to count, what day of the week it is and more all by singing songs. We also love to bake, we help measure out the ingredients, stir them together and make our own yummy meals and treats which we take home (if they have not already been eaten!).

Elves: In our Elves room we are now using Loose Parts and the Curiosity Approach where we use a lot of natural resources rather than plastic toys. We believe in giving the children the opportunity to use their imaginations to create their own toys, for example what we see as a pebble the children may see as a piece of food to ‘cook’ with or a coin to buy their shopping with. In our garden we have a construction area containing lots of real life parts, a mud kitchen made from old appliances, pots and pans and a huge grassy area where we have picnics, water slide, running races and lots of fun! We also have an outdoor wooden house with direct access on to our covered patio area where we spend time painting, playing with water, chalking on the ground amongst a lot of other things.