Our Curriculum at Blue Sky

Here at Blue Sky Day Nursery, we offer a play-based day which allows your child to develop their natural curiosity to learn!

At Blue Sky we follow the national curriculum for learning and development, this is called The Early Years Foundation Stage. The EYFS is a method for interacting with the children whilst watching them play in order to develop an understanding of what the children enjoy playing with, can do and might like to learn next. This information is then used to come up with exciting ideas for activities the children can take part in to move onto the next step of their educational journey.

Our educational programme allows children to experience quality learning and development opportunities, from the day a child starts until the day we say goodbye. The Blue Sky Educational Programme includes allocated time for children to partake in physical movement sessions and exploration opportunities in order to provide all children with a firm foundation on which to build future academic, social and emotional success.

We will take photographs of your child while they are with us which go into their files to document each of their learning journeys, and these files are always available for parents and carers to look through! More recently, we have begun the move to an electronic filing system where parents will have access to view photos, their child’s work and view their progress SECURELY online. Photos and artwork are regularly sent home to parents and carers so that they know what their children have been doing during the day.

Equal Opportunities

Here at Blue Sky, we believe every child should be treated as an individual and every family as unique. We have no hesitation in welcoming children and families from any walk of life or background into our ‘Blue Sky family’!

We have a team that we believe is second to none, who possess a wide range of qualifications and experiences in supporting children with special needs, whether those needs are emotional, educational, behavioural or dietary.

We have had many children at the nursery who, when they first joined us, didn’t speak English as a first language, who had physical disabilities or who needed support with their development in a particular area. After spending time in our nurturing and caring setting, we are always thrilled to watch these children blossom into happy, self-confident young people who have not been held back in any way because of their unique circumstances!

We are always more than happy to work alongside parents and other outside agencies in order to put the individual child’s needs, welfare and development first. We have worked closely with agencies such as speech and language, inclusion team, Portage and the Children’s Centers and always welcome any help or advice we can get from other professionals.

We will never share information about our children or families without prior consent unless there is a specific safeguarding issue.

Here’s What Our Team Have To Say

We LOVE the Blue Sky family and we’re so proud to share some of their thoughts with you…

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