Our Pre-School at Clifton Moor, York

From the term after a child turns 3 they are entitled to between 15 and 30 hours of funded preschool education and in line with our flexible approach to childcare we stretch the funded hours so your childcare continues term time and non-term time.

We are pleased to be able to offer children this funding whilst at Blue Sky either as part of their Day Nursery day or as separate sessions.

In the preschool our experienced and loving team help prepare the children, both socially and emotionally for their next step in their journey through to school life. We obviously encourage the children’s development in early maths and language skills in line with the requirements of the two local schools, but we also encourage their independence and life skills development in supporting them to pour their own drinks, helping them to dress themselves and use their cutlery etc. providing them with the self-confidence and self-reliance to help cope with life in ‘big’ school.

Pre-school children are cared for alongside the day nursery children and as such are able to access the same care, equipment and facilities as the day nursery children.

Please check the website to see if you are eligible https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/30-hours-free-childcare-eligibility. Limited spaces available.

Hours of Funding per week

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