Our Facility at Blue Sky Day Nursery York

We are open 51 weeks of the year, however we do offer term-time only sessions as a part of our flexible care option.

Our Day Services

When looking to expand our business the factors most important to us were team, location and facility. We wanted a bright, warm and friendly space filled with love, colour and light, where children and parents can feel at home, comfortable and safe.

In our York branch, we offer flexible care which is provided by our amazing team of loving, caring, qualified, childcare professionals who are committed to caring for your child as they would their own.

Our outdoor play area is a huge bonus to our setting and we utilise this daily, allowing the children as many hours as possible to enjoy the opportunity for fresh air, exercise and learning in a secure, fun and sometimes messy outside environment!

Our meals are prepared on-site fresh each day and aim to cover a wide range of healthy balanced meals. Our menu is based on the ‘eat well plate’ which is low in salt and sugar but high in fruit, vegetables and lean meats. We never force a child to eat anything but our caring team will encourage children to try and experience new and exciting foods to widen their taste palates which all adds to their learning experience. We happily cater for allergies, food intolerances and religious or special dietary needs.

Flexible Services

At Blue Sky we try to offer you complete flexibility with your childcare wherever possible. We understand that not all jobs run on a 9-5 basis with the same shift patterns each and every week, so we are here to fill the gap when you need some extra help with your childcare.

We don’t charge retainers so you can book whatever you need That could be anything from full days, full weeks, week in week out or term time only, a few days a month or week or even a single day to see your friends, a couple of hours to go to the gym (Roko gym) or attend an interview or just to have some time to yourself to get a hot, peaceful, relaxing bath, now don’t tell me that doesn’t sound good!

We will be as flexible as we possibly can be, you don’t need to have been before nor do you need to come again, although we hope you do.

Our admin team would appreciate as much notice as possible in order to meet your needs and two weeks would be delightful but… if something does come up at the last minute, simply call us, we could just fit you in and what do you have to lose for trying?

School Holidays

During the school holidays, we open up our fab setting to school children. We offer full, half or short days and crèche sessions to try and cater to all your needs.

The children can take part in all kinds of activities including, baking, arts and crafts, sports and games as well as trips and outings.

We are open every school holiday except the week between Christmas and New Year or official bank holidays.

We offer as much flexibility as you could need with the options to book what you want when you want it.

We also have two other locations…

Market Weighton

Becklands Park
York Road
Market Weighton
YO43 3GA

Tel: 01430 871113

Email: admin@blueskydaynursery.com

Web: www.blueskydaynursery.com


87 Market Place
YO42 2AE

Tel:  01759 529077

Email: pockadmin@blueskydaynursery.com

Web: www.blueskydaynurserypocklington.com